The Afternoon Fuzz: Home Invasion Charges, Bomb Threats, Cop Suits and Fugitives

Today in Fuzz: Charges filed in Capitol Hill home invasion, a bomb threat on a Seattle flight, police arrest drive-by shooting suspects, SPD lawsuits, and a fugitive in the speakeasy case is a fugitive no more.

1) A man arrested last week following a police chase and crash in North Seattle has been charged for a home invasion robbery on Capitol Hill. On Friday, prosecutors charged Jason Christian Vevik and Nicole Danielle Hunley with first degree robbery (and slapped Vevik with an extra count of eluding police) after Vevik and Hunley allegedly burst into a man’s Capitol Hill apartment on August 31, pulled guns, and demanded drugs and cash.

Court documents say Vevik and Hunley were looking for drugs and cash, and left with $235, a cell phone, and credit cards from the man, who later gave police Hunley’s name.

Police arrested Hunley at her West Seattle apartment on September 6, and were able to identify Vevik as the second suspect in the robbery.

A week later, patrol officers spotted Vevik driving near 8th NE and NE 106th and tried to pull him over. Vevik sped off, crashed and fled on foot.

Court records say Vevik got into a fight with a man as he ran through his backyard, and then hid in a shed, where police later found him.

A police source says the Vevik’s name also came up during an investigation of a home-invasion drug rip at a Lake City trailer park. Vevik has not been charged in connection with the case.

2) Passengers on a Seattle-to-Oakland flight were met by police and bomb-sniffing dogs after a threatening note was found in a San Francisco airport. From the

A passenger on the flight said federal marshals boarded the aircraft and removed two passengers. The rest of the passengers were asked to leave their bags on the plane while they were taken to a secure area of the airport to be rescreened. The plane was taken to a remote area of the airport where bomb-sniffing dogs inspected luggage. Officials gave the all-clear just at about 9 a.m. after searching the aircraft and the bags

3) Police arrested two men in Renton over the weekend for a drive-by shooting in South Seattle early Sunday morning.

According to police, just after midnight on September 18, the two suspects—who are 20 and 25 years old—showed up at another man’s house on 20th Ave S. and S McClellan, broke out the windows on two of his cars, and fired off several shots before fleeing.

Renton police later spotted the suspects in a Wendy’s drive-thru in downtown Renton and arrested them. Officers found a gun in the car.

4) The Seattle City Attorney’s office tried (and failed) to get a $1 judgment in a suit against the Seattle Police Department thrown out by offering to pay $115,000 to the man who filed the suit. The Seattle Times has more details on this weird story:

City Attorney Peter Holmes said the decision was “business, pure and simple” and had nothing to do with the fact that the verdict could be used against the officer, Jonathan Chin, and the department in another federal lawsuit stemming from a 2009 incident in which Chin wounded a man in a shooting in a Central Area parking lot. Andrew Rutherford won the $1 verdict in U.S. District Court after jurors determined that Chin, who had confronted Rutherford and two other men following a traffic violation, had violated Rutherford’s civil rights by holding him too long at gunpoint.

5) One of the men charged in connection with running a series of underground card rooms around Seattle is back in custody after spending three months on the lam.

Puyallup Tribal Police arrested Howard Thoren Honeycutt earlier this month. A spokesman for the department did not immediately have details on Honeycutt’s arrest. Honeycutt is currently being held in the King County Jail on $5,075 bail.

Four of Honeycutt’s seven co-defendants have taken plea deals in the case. Rashad Thompson is still a fugitive, and local artist DK Pan is scheduled to go to trial sometime early next year.