Charges In Lake WA Park Shooting, SPD Releasing More Misconduct Files

Today in Fuzz: Charges filed in a shooting in a Lake Washington park, SPD to release more internal investigation records, and a guilty plea in shoplifting ring case.

1) Three men—Deeq Ali Maane, Hudo B. Kowtame, and Ibrahim Isaq Abdi—are facing charges in connection with a mid-day shooting in a park along Lake Washington in June.

According to court records, Maane, Kowtame, and Abdi all allegedly confronted another man in a park on 49th Ave S. and Lake Washington Blvd. S. on June 20th. Maane allegedly approached the man, “said “die bitch,” and shot the man in the chest.

The man was taken to Harborview in critical condition, but survived the shooting.

Witnesses at the scene told police that just before the shooting, the victim had been in an argument with three men who fled in a white Honda Accord.

Court records say the victim later identified Maane, 29, to police, and claimed Maane had shot him because Maane believed the victim was trying to rob him.

When police asked the man why Maane might have thought the victim was trying to rob him, he told officers it was because he had, in fact, robbed Maane several weeks earlier.

Court records say the day of the shooting, Maane had called the victim and asked him to meet him at the park on Lake Washington.

“He set me up, he wanted to get me out of the way, I shouldn’t have agreed to meet him,” the victim claimed to police.

Maane is being held at the King County Jail on $225,000 bail, while Kowtame and Abdi are being held at the Regional Justice Center on $100,000 bail.

Court records say Maane has three prior drug convictions in the last six years, and has one pending drug case scheduled to start later this month.

2) The Seattle Police Department says it will begin releasing internal investigation files, even when an officer has been cleared of misconduct. From the Seattle Times:

 Names of officers who are subjects of internal investigations or witnesses will be redacted from the records as allowed under the court decision, but the bulk of the records will be disclosed in response to public-disclosure requests, subject to limited redactions. The department’s new policy was disclosed in a Sept. 16 declaration by Assistant Chief Dick Reed in a separate court case involving a dispute over the release of police documents. The Supreme Court, in a landmark decision on Aug. 18, ruled that police officers could not invoke privacy grounds to block the release of investigative reports about their conduct, even if the accusations are not upheld.

3) Four family members behind a shoplifting ring in Greenwood have pleaded guilty to an array of charges.

Police say Gulshan, Jatin, Shabnam, and Mitu Rai paid thieves for items—worth $1.5 million—stolen from Safeway, QFC, Target, and Fred Meyer stores in the Seattle area, and resold them in their shop on 104th and Greenwood Ave N.

Gulshan and Jatin Rai pleaded guilty to attempted trafficking of stolen property, attempted possession of stolen property and conspiracy to commit organized retail theft, and could could face more than 16 months in prison. Shabnam and Mitu Rai also pleaded guilty on several stolen property charges and could face 9 months of home detention

As part of the plea deal, the Rais have also agreed to sell their market.

The Rais will be sentenced later this fall.