Today In Knives

Today in knife-related crime, we’ve got details on two stabbings plus one armed robbery in the University District.

In our first incident, a 56-year-old man was stabbed several times in a fight in Yesler Terrace Monday evening.

According to police, the man was involved in a fight on 10th Ave S and E Yesler just before 5:00 pm.

When officers arrived on scene, they found the 46-year-old suspect holding a knife. The man dropped it and police took him into custody.

While the 56-year-old victim was stabbed four times, according to a spokesman for the Seattle Fire Department, police say his injuries are not life-threatening.

In other stabbing news, Harborview staff called police around 5:45 pm September 18 after a man came into the ER with a stab wound.

The man told hospital staff he’d been stabbed in the thigh at a bus stop, but didn’t say where the stop was.

Hospital staff stitched up the man’s wound and called police. When they told the man officers were on the way, man said he didn’t want to talk to police, and left.

Officers weren’t able to get any more information about the incident.

Finally, a woman was robbed at knifepoint outside of her University District apartment last week.

Around 1am, also on September 18, According to police, the woman got off the bus on University Way NE. around 1:00 am and walked to her apartment at 41st and Brooklyn Ave NE.

As she was opening the door to her building, the woman heard noises in the bushes next to her.

A man emerged and told her to hand over her phone.

When the woman yelled for help, the man pulled out a knife—the report says it had a three-inch triangular blade—and again demanded the woman’s phone.

The woman handed it over and the suspect ran off.