New Details In Central District Murder, Bank Card Scam?, and More

Today in Fuzz: More details on a Central District murder investigation, a possible Wells Fargo scam, and officer charged with assault asks for change of venue.

1) Records released by Seattle police yesterday say SPD have questioned two women in the still unsolved investigation into the murder of Shaun Harris, a 43-year-old sex offender, who was found beaten to death on a Central District street last month. The woman have  not been named as suspects.

According to a search warrant affidavit, around 6:30 am on September 22, police found Harris laying in the street at 26th and E. Jefferson St. Medics took Harris to Harborview hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

While the affidavit doesn’t name any suspects in the case (and police tell PubliCola they have no suspects), the affidavit reveals a few things detectives have uncovered in their investigation.

Immediately following Harris’s murder, a witness apparently saw a woman, holding a set of jumper cables, standing next to Harris’s car. The woman left the scene before officers arrived.

Records also reveal that officers had actually stopped Harris in the South Precinct around 4:00 am that morning, just hours before his murder, with a woman in his car.

Police haven’t identified the woman as a suspect, but she told detectives that she had been with Harris before he was killed. She also told detectives she had called another woman to come pick her up in the Central District—just a block from the scene of the murder—half an hour before Harris was killed.

The affidavit says that as detectives were interviewing the woman, they noticed possible blood stains on the lower portion of her pants.

Police are still working on this strange case and have not named any suspects or made any arrests. A department spokesman said the investigation is “ongoing.

2) I got a weird text message last week saying my Wells Fargo card had been “deactivated,” which was especially suspicious given that I don’t have a Wells Fargo account. Turns out I’m not alone.  From the Columbian:

Local residents say they’ve been getting text messages claiming to be from Wells Fargo Bank and asking them for their credit card numbers.

A Woodland woman, 65, said she received a text message Saturday, saying her credit card account had been deactivated and asking her to call a phone number.

When she called, she was asked to type in her credit card number. She didn’t.

“I hung up,” she said.

When she mentioned the scam at work, two co-workers said their families had received the same text message — and said they have no accounts with Wells Fargo.

Another reader of The Columbian called last week to report getting a similar text message, except it said his Wells Fargo credit card account had been opened.

3) A Seattle police officer facing assault charges has requested a change of venue or an out-of-town jury for his trial. From the Seattle Times:

In an unusual move, a Seattle police officer charged with assaulting teenage suspect inside a convenience store wants his trial to be heard by a jury from outside the city.

In court papers submitted Monday, James J. Lee’s attorney, Peter Offenbecher, asked that his client’s Jan. 24 trial to be moved to another venue, or to have jurors selected from outside Seattle.