Occupy Wall Street Protesters Have 30 Minutes To Leave Westlake Park

By 1:45pm, Seattle police could begin arresting protesters in Westlake Park.

At 1:30 pm today, a pair of Parks Department Rangers will ask protesters from the Occupy Wall Street group—which settled in Westlake Park Satuday afternoon—to remove their tents and camping equipment, according to Parks spokeswoman Dewey Potter, who says rangers will give the protesters 15 minutes to comply.

If the protesters refuse, Seattle police will make the same request, and could arrest members of the group for trespassing.

Mayor Mike McGinn has said that while he sympathizes with the protesters’ cause, he has asked the group to move on from the park to make room for other scheduled events—including an anti-war protest.

As of 10:00 am Wednesday, there were around 100 protesters camped out in the park, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, and waving signs protesting economic inequity and corporate power, and demanding the top one percent of the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.

The protesters received some support this morning from people walking by, and at least one bus driver who gave the protesters a friendly honk as he drove by.

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