“Text Message Scams Are Called ‘Smishing'”

Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna sent out a warning this morning about the very same bank card scam we told you about earlier this week.

According to an emailed statement, McKenna’s office began receiving complaints about fishy text messages and automated phone calls from banks—many purportedly from Wells Fargo bank—telling recipients that their accounts had been hacked or deactivated.

“Many of the calls came to those who don’t even have Wells Fargo accounts. As the week progressed, the scam morphed to text messages from those posing as representing Bank of America, Chase, Citibank and Capital One.”

This type of scam is apparently called “smishing,” and is not actually a Yiddish word, but instead refers to “phishing” scams sent over Short Message Service texts.

McKenna’s office says if you’ve received one of these scammy calls or texts, you can file a complaint with the FTC.