More Details On Phoenix Jones’ Arrest

A police report for an incident which led officers to arrest local masked crusader Phoenix Jones Sunday morning challenges several claims made by Jones’ spokesman.

As PubliCola first reported yesterday, Seattle police arrested Jones Sunday after he allegedly pepper sprayed a group of men and women under the viaduct. The group told police they had been dancing in the street when Jones approached them and assaulted them.

According to a police report for pepper spray incident, officers were initially dispatched to a report of a hit and run at Alaskan Way and Columbia St. around 2:30 am Sunday, but were not able to find a victim for that call.

A police report says while officers were at Alaskan Way and Columbia St., a woman approached officers and said “she and some of her friends had just been attacked and pepper sprayed by a male in a ‘Spider-Man costume’.”

The woman told police they had left a nightclub and were walking to their cars under the viaduct, and had “stopped in the street and began dancing and frolicking around with each other” when they saw “a person in some type of black and gold costume, wearing a matching mask running full sprint towards her and her group.”

The report says the masked man—who police sources have identified as Phoenix Jones—pepper sprayed the group.

Police stopped Jones near the scene, where the report says he told officers “he saw two white males fighting, but could not explain why four people, including women, had been sprayed.”

The group members told officers they had “no idea why this person suddenly attacked them.”

Although Jones’ spokesman, Peter Tangen, told PubliCola police did not talk to a journalist or cameraman who were with Jones during the incident, a police report says officers did in fact speak with Jones’ companions about the incident, and watched videotape of the incident.

The report says the video shows a group of people gathered on Columbia St., but there “did not appear to be a fight.”

Police say the video does show Jones running into the gathering, where he can “be seen pepper spraying individuals in the group.”

The group members told police no one had been fighting, the report says.

Officers arrested Jones and took his costume, mask, and two cans of pepper spray from him, and booked him into the King County Jail.

In the report, Officer Hosea Crumpton writes Jones “has had a history of injecting himself in these incidents” and that there “have been increased reports of citizens being pepper sprayed.”

“Although [he] has been advised to observe and report incidents to 911, he continues to try to resolve things on his own,” Officer Crumpton wrote.

The report notes that police had already received other calls earlier in the night from several club patrons who had been pepper sprayed by Jones “during some type of disturbance.”

SPD Spokesman Mark Jamieson says police received a report around 11:30 pm Saturday night that several people had been kicked out of a bar at 1st Ave. and Occidental Av. S. when “superheroes showed up” and someone pepper sprayed the club goers. None of the victims wanted to file a report, Jamieson says.

We’ve contacted Jones’ spokesman about that incident as well.