Teen Accidentally Shoots Himself, UW Student Severely Beaten, A Flasher, and Crab Theft

Today in Fuzz: Teen accidentally shoots himself on bus, UW student beaten after party, more details on a home invasion, a flasher, a crab theft, and Phoenix Jones

1) Police want to know if you recognize this suspected flasher:

Police say the man is suspected of exposing himself to children on five different occasions, in North Seattle, Capitol Hill, and West Seattle.

If this looks like some creep-o you know, call SPD’s sexual assault unit at 206-684-5575.

2) A woman called police at 8:45 Tuesday morning and said her son had been shot and was at Rainier Ave. S. and S. Orcas St. Police and medics arrived, and found the 17-year-old boy with a gunshot wound to his thigh.

The teen told police he was waiting at a bus stop at Rainier Ave. S. and S. Holly St. when he heard a “popping” sound. The teen then said he and his friends boarded the bus, before he realized he’d been shot. The teen told officers he had no idea who had shot him.

It turns out that wasn’t really true.

Police learned the 17-year-old had actually shot himself in the thigh as he got on the bus. Police found the gun, and say the teen could face weapons charges.

3) A woman and a young boy are suspected in a crab heist at a store near the International District last week , according to police.

Around 5:30pm on October 5th, a woman in her early 20s and a child—who was between 6 and 9 years old—walked into the store at  12th Ave. and S. King St.

A police report says the woman handed the boy a bag containing $80 worth of crab, before the child walked out of the store and got into a brown SUV. The woman followed the boy out moments later.

An employee followed the woman and the child out of the store, and was confronted by man standing next to the SUV.

When the employee said the child had not paid for the crab, the man started shoving the employee. The suspects then all climbed into the SUV and drove off.

4) A University of Washington student was severely beaten after leaving a party in the University District Saturday morning.

The man—who is in his late teens and who cannot remember the incident—told police he attended a fraternity party at a house near 22nd Ave NE, somewhere  between NE 55th and 52nd St Friday night, and left sometime after midnight.

The man woke up in his room around 7:00 am the next morning, with “blood covering his face [and] most of his clothes, and was unable to speak without a severe amount of pain,” a police report says.

The man’s wallet and cellphone were missing

The report says the man could only vaguely recalled a man helping him to his room.

According to police, the man sustained a “broken jaw, chin laceration, concussion with memory loss, and possible skull injury.”

5) A police report for a home invasion in North Seattle on October 4th says two men who burst into a home on 17th Ave. N. and N. 128th and tied up six people at gunpoint were looking for drugs.

The report says the two suspects bound the victims’ hands and legs with “flex cuffs” and demanded “money and drugs.”

Fun fact: a lot of home invasions are drug-related.