“The Chaos You’ve Allowed To Happen”

Mayor McGinn has had a tough go of handling the Occupy Seattle protests, but he still hasn’t faceplanted as badly as Portland Mayor Sam Adams did today when confronted by p.o.’d Portland press.

Down in Portland, protesters have “parked vehicles and strung rope over” Main Street, blocking an arterial used by “thousands of vehicles, cyclists and eight bus lines,” according to KATU TV.

No one is apparently angrier about the road closure than Portland reporters.

During the testy 10-minute press conference one reporter refers to “the chaos” Adams has “allowed to happen,” while another tells Adams “it does’t appear you’re doing everything you possibly could do.”

The meltdown begins when Adams tells the media he’s already addressed that issue, and a reporter angrily fires back “no you haven’t!”

You can almost hear Adams angrily grinding his teeth.

The good stuff starts at the six minute mark, but the whole thing is worth watching.