City and Protesters Reach Agreement: Supplies Tent Can Stay, Protesters Can’t

The city has agreed to let Occupy Seattle keep their supply tent in Westlake Park overnight, but police may still arrest protesters who try to stay in the park overnight.

Mayor Mike McGinn’s office has been negotiating with Occupy Seattle for the last week, trying to get the group to relocate from Westlake to city hall, where the city recently installed two portable toilets¬†for protesters.

Under an agreement reached this afternoon, the Seattle Parks Department will allow Occupy Seattle to leave its provisions tent up in Westlake Park through the 26th, and let two people sleep in the tent to protect it overnight. No other protesters will be allowed in the park after closing. Protesters will still be able to occupy the park during the day.

Police sources say the department is sending officers to the park tonight, and may arrest anyone who does not leave the park voluntarily after it closes at 10:00 pm.

A police source said the department believes a small group of protesters may make a “last stand” at the park, and is prepared to make arrests.