City Rolls Out Belltown Diversion Program; Suspect Arrested In Carkeek Attack

Today in Fuzz: Suspect arrested in Carkeek Park attack, city unveils diversion program, and police say bike-riding drive-by “victim” actually shot himself.

1)  Seattle police have arrested a 19-year-old man suspected of attacking a jogger on a trail at Carkeek Park earlier this week. Police records say the man grabbed a woman as she was jogging through the park at about 8:30 am on October 10.

The man tried to force her to the ground, but the woman kicked and screamed, and “grabbed ahold of [his] long hair” and pulled until she was able to get away, records say.

The man apologized and fled the park to his home nearby. On his way, he called 911 and reported he had attacked the woman. Two days later, police arrested the man. He’s being held for attempted rape. Prosecutors have not yet filed charges.

2) A coalition of city and county officials, public defenders and social service groups officially unveiled the Law Enforcement Assistance Diversion (LEAD) Program today. The LEAD program—which we first told you about in September—will allow police to officer low-level drug dealers and users in the Belltown area the option of treatment instead of jail time. Officers from the bike and anti-crime squads have already begun offering treatment in some cases.

A statement on the LEAD program released by the SPD Thursday noted that officers arrested the same 50 people more than 2700 times in Belltown over the last few years. “We know that we can’t arrest our way out of this problem,” the statement said. “If we could, it would have been solved a long time ago.”

3) Police say a man who rode a bicycle in to a South Seattle fire station Wednesday afternoon and said he’d been wounded in a drive-by shooting was, in fact, spinning the truth.

During the investigation, police say they discovered “fresh gun powder residue” on the man’s sweatpants, and when gang detectives interviewed the man at the hospital, they learned he had actually accidentally shot himself in the hand and leg.