“I’m Phoenix Jones. I’m Also Ben Fodor.”

With a nod to one of his own comic book heroes, Phoenix Jones unmasked himself in front of the King County Jail this morning, following a hearing on his pending assault case, and revealing his not-so-secret identity as amateur MMA fighter Ben Fodor. (His identity was actually outed earlier this week by the Smoking Gun.) [pullquote]”I’m Phoenix Jones. I’m also Ben Fodor. I’m also a father,” he said. “I’ll be in the streets.”[/pullquote]

Fodor—who was arrested Sunday for allegedly pepper spraying four people in Pioneer Square—walked into the jail courtroom just before 9:00 am wearing slacks, a striped black shirt, and a face-covering black and gold rubber mask and sat in the front of the court room, far from the TV cameras huddled in a doorway. During the hearing, Fodor removed his mask, revealing an immaculate Kid n’ Play-style flat top. He never turned to face reporters.

After the hearing, Fodor put his mask back on and walked out of court with his lawyer, chased by a herd of reporters.

Outside the jail, Fodor held an impromptu press conference, and declared “there will be no charges filed.”

In fact, city attorney’s office spokeswoman Kimberly Mills says “Mr. Fodor is still under active investigation in the case.”

Fodor said he planned to resume patrolling Seattle’s streets, and invited the press  to join him on 1st Ave. and Pike St. Saturday night. Fodor then dramatically peeled off his mask.

“I’m Phoenix Jones. I’m also Ben Fodor. I’m also a father,” he said. “I’ll be in the streets.”