Five Things Phoenix Jones Says You Need to Know (About Phoenix Jones)

In the midst of all this week’s Phoenix Jones hype, some people have been asking: “Hey, just who the hell is this Phoenix Jones guy?”

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, Phoenix Jones is Seattle’s—and possibly the world’s—most well-known real-life superhero.

Mixed martial arts fighter Ben Fodor, 23, donned his black and gold costume in 2010 and began patrolling high street crime areas around Seattle, like the University District and Belltown, mimicking his favorite masked crusaders, Nightwing and Batwing.

Fodor claims to have broken up fights, scared off drug dealers—some of which has been documented by police—and has garnered international attention, appearing in GQ magazine, getting name-checked on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and fielding calls from high-powered TV producers about his own show, spotlighting his brand of masked heroics/street theater.

Last Sunday, police arrested Fodor for allegedly pepper spraying a group of men and women in Pioneer Square, and later unmasked himself to reporters after a court hearing, in a move he says was inspired by the finale of the Iron Man movie.

In an interview with PubliCola earlier this week, Fodor/Jones listed the five things he wants people to know about him:

  1. His costume “really is bullet proof.”
  2. “I really do know how to fight.”
  3. “My goal is to protect people.”
  4. “If you want to do this [be a super hero like me], you should write me on facebook before you do something stupid.”
  5. “I’m not crazy.”

RE: Phun Phoenix Phact #4, Jones is already training another hero.

Finally, Fodor says that should anyone ever make a film about his superheroics, he thinks he should be played by “Jayden Smith, if he took a little creatine powder.”

The movie, he said, could be directed by “anyone except by Michael Bay.”