SPD Stings Smoke Shop In Fencing Case, Man Walks Into Jail With Stab Wounds

Today in Fuzz: shoplifting and multiple stab wounds

1) If I didn’t know better, I’d think all SPD’s Major Crimes Task Force does anymore is investigate loosely organized shoplifting at downtown businesses. According to SPD records, security staff at JC Penney contacted Seattle police in July  and said two people they’d arrested for shoplifting had given up the names of several downtown businesses where the thieves were pawning off their merchandise.

Police records say undercover detectives made at least four visits to the business between August and September, showed off bottles of pricey perfume to two employees, and told them “I just stole this from Westlake, can I get some money?”

Records say the employees haggled with detectives, ultimately buying the perfume—worth $30 to $80—for $1 to $4 per bottle. Police allege employees at the business bought the perfumes, and asked detectives to steal more perfume, as well as gold chains.

It appears prosecutors have not filed charges in the case.

In the last year, the MCTF and SPD’s pawn shop unit (which also worked on this case) has shut down several alleged shoplifting rings around the city, including one at another downtown smoke shop not far from the latest business targeted by detectives.

2) A man who walked into the King County Jail to visit a friend last week showed up with fresh stab wounds.

The man walked into the jail around 9:30 pm on October 15th and asked an officer at the front counter about visiting an inmate. “Something did not appear to be right with” the man, a police report says, and the desk officer asked the man if he was alright.

The man said someone had stolen his phone outside the jail, and that he’d chased the man to Harborview where he had fought with the thief, and then walked back to the jail. The man mentioned his back hurt after the fight, and jail guards found the man had been stabbed in the back several times.

Medics took the man back to Harborview with apparently serious injuries.