Mugger Put In Headlock, Cyclist Injured In Aurora Crash, and a Capitol Hill Slashing

Today in Fuzz: Cyclist injured in Aurora Crash, woman fights off mugger in the University District, homeless man slashed on Capitol Hill, and another strange beating in the University District.

1) A cyclist was seriously injured in a crash on Aurora Thursday evening. An SPD statement says the male cyclist was riding southbound on Aurora Ave. near 89th St. when he “suddenly turned in front of” a car on the road and collided with the vehicle. The cyclist was taken to Harborview with serious head injuries. Police released the driver from the scene after determining they weren’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2) A woman fought off a mugger in the University District Tuesday morning. According to SPD, the woman was sitting at a bus at NE 43rd St. and University Way NE. at about 5:30 am, when a man walked up to her and tried to grab her purse and the cellphone she was holding.

The woman struggled with the man, got him in a headlock, and began kicking him. The woman grabbed her phone back from the suspect, but it broke apart, and he was able to flee with a piece of it. The man jumped in a black vehicle parked down the block and sped off. The woman didn’t call police about the incident until later that day.

3) A homeless man told police he was attacked by three men in a confrontation on Capitol Hill late Monday night.

The man told police he was walking east on E. Pine St. near Boylston Ave. just before midnight when three men came up to him and “accused him of saying something to their girlfriends,” a report says. One of the men then pulled out a knife and slashed the victim’s palms before the suspects ran off.

When police found the victim, he was “crying” and “hysterical,” the report says, and had a hard time getting his account of the incident. Officers also noticed the man had a scraped elbow and asked him about it, but he only told officers he’d fallen when he was running, and wouldn’t give police any additional details. It appears police transported the man to a shelter following the incident.

4) About a week after a University of Washington student was severely beaten and robbed in a late-night attack, another man was also found bleeding in the street after he was apparently viciously attacked.

The man told police he had gone to a UW football game on October 15th with friends, and then gone to the Ave, where he’d met a woman in a bar.

Around 9:00 pm, the man walked the woman to her car near NE 41st. Ave. and 11th Ave. NE, and realized he left his phone in the bar. The man went back to get it, but told police the last thing he remembers is walking down 12th Ave., before he woke up in the hospital.

The woman apparently found the man unconscious and bleeding from his head near NE 42nd  St and 12th Ave NE. and drove him to the hospital.

The man wasn’t robbed, but was apparently severely beaten as it took “numerous stitches and a plastic surgeon” to treat his injuries, a police report says. Doctors told police they believe the man was hit with a blunt object in the attack.