It Might As Well Have Been A Soccer Game

Yeah, it’s Tuesday. It took me a whole day to get over that horrible, horrible game Sunday. I really didn’t think the Seahawks could possibly have gotten any worse. Then they did. Wow.

Sunday’s game against the Browns was one of the most appallingly awful games of football I have ever witnessed. The score was so low, it could’ve been a soccer game. (Not really, it was 6-3, so…baseball).

The Hawks are now down two starting cornerbacks for the remainder of the season—Walter Thurmond, with a broken foot, and Marcus Trufaunt with a case of old-man back—and we’re in wait-and-see mode with Marshawn Lynch (also suffering from old-man back) and Tarvaris Jackson.

This week’s game also should permanently shut up anyone who’s ever lobbied for Charlie Whitehurst getting a chance to start.

That Charlie Whitehurst-led offense couldn’t move the ball against THE CLEVELAND BROWNS!


Right now, the Hawks are 2-4. This is what we have to look forward to:

Week One: 49ers  :- (  X

Week Two: Steelers :- ( X

Week Three: Cardinal :- ( (I was wrong about this one. )

Week Four: Falcons :- ( X

Week Five: NY Giants :- (  (and this one!)


Week Seven: Browns :- ) X

Week Eight: Bengals :- ) (I’m gonna be wrong about this one)

Week Nine: Cowboys :- (

Week Ten: Rams :- (

Week Eleven: Redskins :- )  (maybe)

Week Twelve: Eagles :’-(

Week Thirteen: Rams :-(

Week Fourteen: Bears :-(

Week Fifteen: 49ers :-)

Week Sixteen: Cardinals :-(

Now, amidst all that misery, there are two bright spots: the Hawks are still probably not the worst team in the NFC West (that’s something, right?) and we didn’t trade away our future for Carson Palmer!