Police Find Bullets In Courthouse, County Offices Following Monday Shooting

Police continue to search for a gunman who opened fire on the King County Courthouse and county offices in downtown Monday night, wounding one woman.

Sources tell PubliCola police found bullets embedded in the wall of an office and a court room on the third floor of the King County Courthouse, and believe rounds also struck the Chinook building on the 10th floor and 8th floor, which houses the King County Executive’s offices. Police believe the gunman fired one volley of shots at 4:04 pm, and then another about an hour later, from a nearby building, sources say.

The bullet that grazed a woman yesterday may have been from a ricochet.

Police still aren’t sure whether the shot that struck the woman around 5:30 pm last night came from the street level, or from a building in the area, but the sources say it’s very likely the gunman was firing from the Frye Apartments, which is on the south side of the courthouse.

SWAT officers searched the building last night, but came up empty. Police say they contacted a 56-year-old man near the scene, but did not arrest him.

King County employees have been advised to work with their blinds closed today as a precaution.

In addition to the bullets found in the third floor of the courthouse and the Chinook building, authorities also found rounds in a sixth-floor law library at the courthouse, but those bullets apparently came from an “older,” unrelated shooting, a source said.

A Seattle Police Department spokesman declined to talk to PubliCola about the shooting when contacted earlier today, but said they would be releasing more information later in the day.