I Hate the Cowboys So Much

The Cowboys embody everything I hate about the NFL.

Meddlesome oil tycoon owners.

Brett Favre-worshipping “gunslinger” quarterbacks lavished with praise because they play for the Cowboys…

…not because they’re particularly good.

The America’s Team bullshit.┬áThe billion-dollar stadium with stripper poles. Emmitt Smith.

So that’s going to make the Seahawk’s (likely) upcoming loss in Dallas Sunday extra painful.

The Hawks defense may be able to contain some of the Dez Bryan/Miles Austin damage early on, but the offense has yet to show any ability to score points.

The Cowboys, on the other hand, have no trouble putting up points, but they’re a wildly uneven team, and lose when they shouldn’t.

It’s been a fluke-y year in the NFL (the Rams obliterated the Saints last weekend, defying all football logic) so maybe this’ll be one of those games the Cowboys totally flub.

But, again, it’s hard for the Hawks to win football games with field goals.