The Burrito Bandit Goes Wild in Belltown

Today in Fuzz: Man steals burrito; woman in wheelchair attacked in South Seattle; man leaves evidence behind in assault on cabbie.

1) A man looking for his missing saxophone was arrested in Belltown last week after he allegedly smacked two greyhounds and stole a burrito from a convenience store.

Police say the man walked into Belltown Grocery around 7:00 pm on November 3, and “demanded to know where his saxophone was.”

The employee working in the store had no idea what the man was talking about, but saw the suspect leave the store with a bag of chips and a burrito.

When the employee confronted the man outside the store and told him he needed to pay for his burrito, the suspect responded “I am going to beat up and kill all you white boys,” and punched the store employee in the chest.

The man had also harassed other customers inside the store, according to the police report, grabbing things from their hands, and again threatening to kill “white boys.”

The suspect eventually walked up to the store counter, where another man was standing, along with two greyhound dogs, and hit both dogs in the face.

Police came and arrested the suspect, who they discovered already had a warrant for assault in Everett.

Police also found the man’s missing saxophone inside the store.

Officers booked the man for robbery and also requested charges for animal cruelty.

2) A woman in a wheelchair told police she was attacked by a man who helped her get home last week.

When the woman’s electric wheelchair broke down on 38th Ave. S. and S. Myrtle St. on November 3, a man approached her and offered to help push her home.

When they arrived, the man asked the woman for five dollars, but the woman said she didn’t have any money. The man then grabbed the electrical cord on the woman’s wheelchair, and wrapped it around her neck. The woman began screaming, and the man fled.

The woman was not seriously injured, a police report says.

3) And in poorly planned criminal escapades, a man left behind ID after he allegedly attacked a cab driver earlier this week.

Just before 2am on November 6th, a cab driver picked up a man downtown and drove him to the University District.

The man tried to pay his $16 cab fare with a credit card, but then refused to sign the payment, and told the cabbie “you guys took $2,000 from me.”

The cabbie tried to call the cops from a cellphone, but the man grabbed at the phone and punched the cabbie in his ear. The man then took off running, faceplanted in the street, before getting  into a white pickup truck, which drove off.

The suspect, however, failed to take back his credit card—which has his picture on it— before he got away.