More Problems at Occupy Seattle

In today’s extra serving of Afternoon Fuzz: more problems at Occupy Seattle.

1) While police sources tell PubliCola the department has tried to avoid getting too involved in issues at Occupy Seattle’s encampment at Seattle Central Community College, problems keep popping up, drawing police attention.

Three days after police arrested a woman for trying to slash a man with a broken bottle at the camp, police were again called to Occupy Seattle after someone stole a woman’s cellphone from her tent.

The woman initially reported the theft “to the security entity of the movement,” and later called police.

2) A tagger fled into Occupy Seattle’s camp early Wednesday morning after he was involved in a fight with a bouncer on Broadway.

Around 1:30 am on November 9th, a bouncer at a club near Broadway and Pike St. caught a man using a white paint pen to tag a dumpster in an alley.

The bouncer then told the man to “wipe off the tag or he would call the police,” a report says. The man wiped down the tag, and then apparently then tried to enter the nightclub, along with a woman.

When the bouncer refused to let them in the club, the woman punched the bouncer in the face.

The man and the woman took off running, and the man “disappeared into the Occupy Seattle camp,” while the woman fled down Pine St., the report says.

3) According to a KING 5 report, Occupy Seattle may have worn out its welcome at SCCC. After campus officials flip-flopped on whether the protesters would be allowed to camp on campus—eventually letting them move in—the school has apparently had to spend extra money on security, pest control, and repairs following the protest group’s arrival.

Photo via Flickr.

Meanwhile, the reports that the Occupy Seattle protests have cost the city $529,000.