Activist Who Attacked Former Mayor Arrested Again

A longtime Seattle activist who rose to infamy for smacking former Mayor Paul Schell with a megaphone was arrested again last week during a protest in the Central District.

Police arrested James C Garrett—better known as Omari Tahir-Garrett—for trespassing after he refused to leave a building owned by the school district.

Police were called to the building on 24th Ave. and E. Cherry Street—which previously housed Nova High School—around 2:30 pm Friday after a group 15 protesters took over a community meeting where local pastors were discussing how they could “help the youth in the community,” a police report says. The facility where the event was held provides high school drop outs with job training, according to the report.

About 100 people were at the meeting when a group of about 15 people shouted down a speaker at the event, the SPD says.

A woman who runs the job training facility called police and canceled the meeting. The woman then overheard protesters talking about “occupying the building,” and saw some of them take duffel bags with them to another floor of the facility, the report says.

Officers arrived and gave the protesters five minutes to get out of the building, the report says, but Garrett, 65, and another 22-year-old man refused to leave.

Police arrested Garrett and the other man for trespassing and booked them into the King County Jail.

Garrett—who was convicted in 2002 of attacking former-Mayor Paul Schell at a rally, was later named in a protection order filed on behalf of members of the Seattle school board, and previously ran for state senator and president—was released from jail Saturday.

It’s not clear from court records if Garrett has been charged. We’re trying to reach him for comment.