Man Left Pantsless After Robbery

Today in Fuzz: Weird-o shooting in Eastlake, man’s pants taken in Pioneer Square robbery, drug addled carjacker goes on rampage.

1) A group of muggers left a man pantsless following a robbery under the Viaduct early Wednesday morning.

The man told police he was walking near Alaskan Way and Pine St. around 3 am Wednesday when a group of three men walked up to him and said something to him.

The victim, who could not understand the suspects, said the three men assaulted him, pansted him, took his wallet, and cell phone, and ran off.

Police searched the area and eventually found the man’s pants and wallet, but could not locate his cell phone.

2) Police are investigating a strange—one might even say suspicious—shooting at an Eastlake apartment building.

A man told police he opened the front door to his apartment on 1500 Eastlake Ave. E. and E. Galer St. around 10 pm on November 11, and was alarmed to see man standing outside pointing a gun at him.

The armed suspect fired twice at the victim, who ran back into his apartment and hid behind his kitchen island and called 911.

The man told police that when he came out of hiding, he found the suspect’s gun sitting inside the front door. The victim then recognized the weapon as one of his own guns.

The man went to meet police in the lobby of his building, relayed details of the bizarre incident, and—while shaking and crying, a report says—told officers he did not know the suspect, and wasn’t sure how he got one of his guns. The man told police he leaves his front door unlocked, which might be how the suspect got his gun. If, in fact, that’s what happened.

3) A drug-addled carjacker ended up in the hospital after a rampage through Capitol Hill last night.

Police say the man approached a woman near Boylston Ave. and E. Howell St. as she was getting into her car, implied he had a weapon, and told the woman to put her keys and cell phone on the ground. The man then grabbed the woman’s keys and phone, and drove off in her Acura.

After driving for a few blocks, police say the man crashed into another vehicle at Boylston Ave and E Pine, before careening into two parked cars. He kept on driving until his stolen car eventually crapped out at Belmont Ave. and E. Pine.

The man fled on foot, but a bystander chased him down and held him until police arrived.

Police say the man was under the influence of drugs, and was taken to Harborview for treatment. He’ll be booked into jail later on, SPD says.