Earlier Police Report Raises Questions About Protester’s Miscarriage Story

Details from a police report filed in September raise questions about a woman’s claim that she miscarried after she was pepper sprayed by Seattle police last week.

Jennifer Fox, 19, has claimed she was pepper sprayed and kicked by Seattle police during an Occupy Seattle protest while she was “three months pregnant,” according to story in  the Stranger blog, Slog. The PI.com and Seattle Weekly also ran with the story.

Fox’s story also grabbed headlines around the world, and was featured in the UK GuardianForbes, and the Washington Post, further hurting the reputation of the Seattle Police Department, which was already in the spotlight for pepper spraying 84-year-old Dorli Rainey.

However, according to a report and a department source, Fox was one of six people contacted by Seattle police for trespassing at a former Greyhound maintenance facility near Capitol Hill two months ago.

When police arrived at the facility and contacted the group, Fox—who gave police a false last name, according to SPD records—claimed that she was three months pregnant and began crying and “holding her stomach, screaming it hurt,” a police report says.

Fox was taken to Harborview for treatment.

Now, two months after the incident at the Greyhound facility, Fox is apparently claiming she’s still three months pregnant.

We have a message in to Fox.