Woman Attacks Mugger

Today in Fizz: Woman goes after armed robber in Belltown, man attacked at Ballard movie theater, a stabbing and a shooting.

1) A woman went after a mugger in Belltown last week after he tried to rob her at knifepoint.

Police say the woman was walking near 4th Ave. and Pike St. around 4:20 pm on November 23 when a man started talking to her on the street, and told her he needed her debit card and PIN number.

The man pulled a knife and forced the woman to take him to an ATM at 3rd Ave. and Battery St, a police report says, where he put a knife to her throat and again demanded her PIN and debit card.

The woman took money out of her account for the man, but when the suspect took the cash from the ATM, the woman got angry, charged at the suspect, and tried to grab back the cash.

The suspect, apparently startled, threw all the money at the woman and walked off.

2)  A victim told police he was attacked at an Ballard movie theater on November 21 after his phone started ringing. The man silenced his phone and then checked to see who had called him, when another patron in the theater yelled at him to turn his phone off.

Five minutes later, the victim’s phone rang again, and the suspect (understandably) freaked out again.

The report says the victim began talking to himself during the movie, again enraging the suspect.

The suspect left the theater, came back, and grabbed the victim by the throat for about 30 seconds, according to the report, and then left the theater.

Police say the victim was not visibly injured.

In related good news (for the victim in this case), there’s a new venue scheduled to open in Bellevue in 2014, which actually encourages texting and cellphone use during shows.

From the NYT:

One new hall near Seattle is turning that logic on its head by encouraging patrons to send texts and update their Twitter and Facebook accounts to their heart’s content. The Tateuchi Center in Bellevue, Wash., is expected to open in 2014 with a policy of smartphone laissez-faire, as a bet that allowing technological engagement will draw younger audiences.

3) Officers found a bloodied 43-year-old man slumped against a wall near the King County Courthouse on November 20th, according to a report. The man had been stabbed in the shoulder and near his waist, police say.

The man couldn’t tell officers what happened, but a report indicates police were looking into whether he’d been stabbed in the park next to the courthouse.

4) A homeless man shot under I-5 last week told police he believes he was targeted because of an ongoing legal battle with another man.

The man, who lives in a tent near 9th Ave. S. and S. Horton St., said two men came into his tent in the early morning hours of November 24th, woke him up, demanded marijuana, and shot him in the leg.

The man told officers he believed he was shot because he’d filed a civil suit against another man over money.