“Anti-Trafficking Experts” Ask Backpage to Take Down Escort Ads

A large group of “anti-trafficking experts”—including representatives from the National Children’s Advocacy Center, Equality Now, Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery, The Salvation Army, and a US Ambassador—sent a letter to Village Voice/Backpage.com, calling on the company to stop running escort ads, because of problems with sex trafficking linked to its Backpage.com site:

We recognize that Backpage.com may lose the considerable revenue it generates by the Adult ads. However, a recent article suggests that Backpage.com would still be a successful business if it did not operate the Adult section of its website.We also believe that a strong case cannot be made for a business to continue that cannot completely prevent others’ prostitution and victimization of women and minors – despite significant efforts otherwise.

The Attorneys General and clerical leaders in this country were adamant in their letters. We are adamant too. We believe that the sexual exploitation of women and minors is a form of violence against them and a violation of their basic human rights.

We call on you to immediately and permanently shut down the Adult section of your website to ensure that women and girls can no longer be abused, bought, and sold by others using advertisements they placed on Backpage.com.

I can’t wait to see Village Voice’s rebuttal calling these guys “sex prohibitionists.”

You can read the whole letter here:

NGO Letter to Village Voice Media re Backpage.com