SPD Crime Stats Show Spike In Sexual Assaults

Today in Fuzz: SPD crime stats show spike in rapes, masked gunman apologizes for break-in, and more charges for Seattle speakeasy defendant.

1) SPD crime stats released this week show spikes in burglaries and serious assaults, up four percent and seven percent over last year. The biggest jump, however, comes in reported rapes, which are up a staggering 16 percent through October.

The majority of the attacks happened in the West and North Precincts (encompassing downtown and everything north of the ship canal), with 25 reported sexual assaults in the West Precinct, and 19 in the North. South Precinct had 11 sexual assaults, while East Precinct and Southwest Precinct each had six.

The department doesn’t put information about sexual assaults on its crime map in order to protect victims, making it difficult to determine when and where the attacks are happening, SPD Spokesman Sean Whitcomb said the department’s media unit makes an effort to inform the public about so-called “stranger” sexual assaults.

2) Two masked gunmen apologized to their victims after they forced their way into the wrong apartment in a failed drug robbery earlier this month, according to a police report.

On November 7th, a man living in an apartment building near 22nd Ave. W and Thorndyke Ave. W awoke around 5am to the sound of a woman knocking on the front door of his apartment building.

He looked out a window and saw a woman standing outside, holding a strawberry milkshake.

The victim went out to the apartment building’s front door and opened it for the woman, who quickly stepped aside as two armed, masked men forced their way into the building.

One of the masked men was armed with a silver revolver, and forced the victim to take the suspects to his apartment. Inside the apartment, the suspects asked the man for cocaine and cash, but the victim told them he didn’t do drugs.

The suspect asked how long the victim had been living in the apartment, and it quickly became clear they had busted into the wrong building. One of the suspects apologized to the victim and shook the man’s hand, “offering an apology,” the report says. He then threatened to hurt the victim if he called police, and left without taking anything. The victim called SPD the next day.

Police believe the men might have been looking drug dealers in another apartment building.

3) PubliCola has learned that one of the seven men charged in the Seattle speakeasy case—who entered into a plea deal earlier this month—is facing more charges for auto theft and burglary in separate cases.

Prosecutors say Howard “Thoren” Honeycutt broke into a West Seattle home and stole “thousands of dollars” worth of items back in May—police allegedly found his fingerprints on a window—and followed that alleged crime up with an auto theft at a casino a month later. Police records say surveillance cameras at the Snoqualmie Casino captured Honeycutt driving a stolen Subaru into the casino’s parking garage. He hung out at the casino for a few hours, court records say, before he used a specially made key—which had been shaved down—to steal a second Subaru.

Honeycutt was one of two defendants in the speakeasy case to go on the lam. He’s currently being held at the King County Jail on $16,000 bail.