North Seattle Murder Charge; UW Student Attacks Attacker; and Seahawk DUI

Today in Fuzz: Charges filed in fatal North Seattle stabbing; UW student stabs assailant with her keys; and Seahawk’s “lost” DUI case is found, filed.

1) King County prosecutors have filed murder and attempted murder charges against a man for allegedly stabbing his roommates after they attempted to evict him last weekend.

Prosecutors say Austin Spearman’s roommate—who he’d known since junior high—and his fiance asked Spearman to move out in November. Court records say Spearman arrived home December 3 and found eviction notices tacked to the front door, and door to his room. Spearman went to bed without saying anything to the victims.

Later that night, prosecutors say Spearman ran into the victims’ room and attacked them. He chased his male roommate out of the apartment, stabbing him as he ran. When the man got out of the apartment, he realized he was locked outside, and had to listen to his fiance screaming for help. Her screams stopped just as police arrived on scene, court records say.

Police later entered the apartment and found the woman dead. Spearman surrendered to police several blocks from the scene.

Spearman is being held at the King County Jail on $5 million bail.

2) A UW student fought off a mugger in the University District last week, stabbing the man with her car keys, according to a police report.

The woman had just parked her car near NE 52nd St. and 20th Ave. NE around 10 pm December 1st when a man walked up behind her, grabbed her by the hips, shoved her against the car and told her to hand over any money she had.

The woman had car keys in her hand, so she used them to stab the man in the chest. He let go of her and ran off without taking anything.

3) Seattle Seahawk Raheem Brock has been charged with DUI more than a year after troopers pulled him over going 90 in his Bentley on I-5, and found he was (allegedly) over the limit. The charges come just days after the Philadelphia Post ran a story on Brock’s recent conviction for theft in Philly.

When the Post reporter called the state patrol and King County prosecutors to ask about Brock’s previously publicized DUI arrest, authorities told him the case file had been “lost.” Looks like they found it.

The Philly Post’s story says that during Brock’s 2010 arrest, he told a Washington state trooper “You guys don’t take care of your athletes out here? Every time I have been stopped out east, Chicago, New Jersey and Philadelphia the cops either followed me home or gave me a ride.”