Man Arrested For West Seattle Chainsaw Rampage

Seattle police arrested a 57-year-old man in West Seattle Monday after he threatened a woman with two chainsaws and then tried to file a police report against her in a bizarre, comical property dispute.

Police say the incident began the morning of December 19, when a woman heard banging outside of her home near 23rd Ave SW and SW Willow St, and found a locksmith trying to change the locks on her house.

Police records say the locksmith was accompanied by another man, who claims to be the rightful owner of the home, and is apparently involved in a legal dispute with the woman over the property.

Police say the woman showed the locksmith some legal documents and called the police, and the man and locksmith left.

About 10 minutes later, a police report says, the man came back to the home, tore some Christmas lights off the exterior of the woman’s house, and announced that “this isn’t over,” before he drove away again.

According to the police report, later that day, “the suspect returned a third time, but this time he brought an electric chainsaw.”

The man plugged the chainsaw in to an outlet outside the woman’s garage, turned it on, and began threatening her family, according to police.

The man’s rampage was cut short, the report says, when the “victims turned off the electricity to stop the threat from the suspect’s electric chainsaw.”

Again, the suspect fled by the time police arrived at the home to take yet another a report.

While officers were back at the precinct writing up a report on the string of increasingly bizarre incidents, the woman called 911 again to say that the suspect had returned to the home once more, this time wielding a gas powered chainsaw.

The woman told her family to get into a room in the house while she armed herself with a rifle, according to police.

When she confronted the suspect, he fled and drove to the police precinct, where he complained to police that the woman had pulled a gun on him.

Before police could take the man’s complaint, he left the precinct and went back to the woman’s home, where he began yelling at officers on the scene, telling them the woman had pulled a gun on him.

Police arrested the man at the scene for harassment and seized a chainsaw from his truck. Officers also found suspected counterfeit cash on the man during his arrest.