Community Center Burglars

Today in Fuzz: Man slashed in the CD; teens caught breaking into Green Lake Community Center

1) Police are looking for two men who slashed a transient in an apparent random attack in the Central District Wednesday night.

According to police, two men approached the 52-year-old victim as he was “gathering his property” behind an abandoned apartment building near 14th Ave. and Yesler Way and slashed his face.

The suspects fled before officers arrived, and the victim told police he didn’t know the men attacked him.

2) A Green Lake Community Center employee caught three teens breaking into the center around 9:30 pm on December 18, according to police.

As the employee was locking up the building at the end of the night, she spotted a broken pumpkin on a table in a second floor hallway. The woman then saw a backpack fall through a hatch in the roof.

The woman ran off to call 911 and then went down to the first floor of the community center, where she found a group of three teens rifling through drawers at the front desk.

One of the teens told the woman “I’m looking for my phone,” and then the group fled.

When police came to take a report, the employee said she wasn’t sure if the teens had taken anything.