Men Attacked After Confronting “Drug Dealers”

Today in Fuzz: Men attacked after confronting drug dealers; woman beaten, robbed while trying to buy back her lost cellphone.

1) Two men were seriously injured when they confronted a group of alleged drug dealers outside a Pioneer Square apartment building early on New Year’ Day.

A police report says the two victims were walking to their apartment near 2nd Ave Ext. S. and S. Washington St. just before 3am when they saw a group of “drug dealers” hanging around outside of the building. The dealers have apparently hung around the victims’ building “every day for the last six years,” the report says.

When one of the men told the “drug dealers” he was going to call the cops and pushed past them, the alleged dealer who slugged the victim in the face, knocking him to the ground. When the victim tried to get up, two other suspects attacking him, knocked him back down.

When the other victim friend tried to break up the fight, the suspects knocked him down, too, and kicked him in the stomach.

Both men were bruised and cut during the attack, and one of the victims needed stitches to close a wound on his face, the report says.

2) A woman told police she was attacked and robbed in Pioneer Square on New Year’s Day after she tried to buy her lost cellphone phone back from a man who’d found it.

According to a report, the man called a friend of the woman, and said he’d return the woman’s phone in exchange for $15.

The woman agreed to meet the man in Pioneer Square, and went to an ATM where she withdrew $400. The report says the women withdrew such a large amount of cash so she could pay back her brother for something.

The woman was standing outside the Volume nightclub on 1st and Washington around 12:30am when a man walked up to her her and said he had her phone. When she pulled out her cash, the man punched her in the left eye, grabbed her cash, and ran off.