Gunfire Under I-5, Pedophile Legislation in Olympia, and Shootout in Belltown

Today in Fuzz: Transient shot at under I-5, legislators working to keep pedophiles away from child porn in court, more bad news for Copper Cart Cafe in Belltown.

1) A homeless man told police that since the beginning of the year, he has been the targeted by another transient in a machete attack and a shooting.

On January 5, police received a report of gunfire around 3:30 pm near Airport Way S. and S. Bayiew St. At the scene, the victim told officers another man—who lives in an encampment near I-5—had walked up to the victim, who was sitting in a field, called him a “son of a bitch,” pulled out a revolver, and opened fire.

The victim fled, running under I-5,  as he “pleaded with the suspect not to shoot him,” a police report says.

The suspect fired three to four shots, but didn’t hit the victim.

The victim told police he’d had problems with the suspect before, and claimed the same man had recently attacked him with a machete.

The victim didn’t know the suspect’s real name, but told officers he lives in an encampment under the freeway.

2) In an apparent response to a Pierce County court case last year—in which an accused pedophile, acting as his own attorney, was allowed to view videos he’d recorded of himself molesting young boys as evidence—a bi-partisan group of legislators is working to keep the same thing from happening again.

House Bill 2177 would prohibit only allow for videos or photos to be turned over to a court-approved expert witness for forensic examination, and bar pedophiles or child pornography collectors from reviewing photos or videos of child exploitation in their cases.

The bill would apparently bring the state’s policies in line with federal court regulations, which prevent the duplication of videos or photos of child exploitation in federal cases.

3) More bad news for Belltown’s Copper Cart nightclub, which ended up on a city “watch list” following a shootout outside the bar on New Year’s Day, which was captured on tape by masked crusader Phoenix Jones. PubliCola has learned that Washington State Liquor Control Board is now investigating the bar, because state liquor enforcement officers were actually at the club when a bouncer exchanged gunfire with a man outside the bar.