911 Calls (Probably) Dropped Last Year

Calls to 911 dropped in 2011, according to city records.

While the city could only provide PubliCola with 911 call data through November of last year, it would’ve taken a minor catastrophe for 2011 to catch up to 2010’s numbers.

All told, SPD received 347,808 911 calls through last November—106,238 911 calls at the West Precinct, 96,854 at North Precinct, 57,272 in the East Precinct, 54,791 at the South Precinct, and 32,653 in the tiny Southwest Precinct.

In 2010, SPD received 404, 707 911 calls for the whole year.

In order for us to catch up to 2010’s numbers, there would have had to have been 56,899 calls made to 911 in December. The highest number of calls last year came in August, with 34,118.

So what does all that mean? It might be an indication that crime is on a downward trend. Or it could mean that people just don’t like talking to cranky 911 operators.

We’ve asked the city to provide December’s numbers when they’re available.