City Nightlife “Watch List” Includes More Than a Dozen Bars

Last week, we told you that the Copper Cart Cafe had landed on a city “watch list” after a bouncer at the club exchanged gunfire with another man early New Year’s Day.

It turns out the Copper Cart is in good company.

A copy of the city’s most recent “watch list”—distributed at a December 20 meeting between city departments and obtained by PubliCola through a public records request—includes a dozen other bars around Seattle, with problems ranging from food service violations to issues with gangs and gunfire.

The list, created by the city’s Code Compliance Team—made up of officials from the police and fire departments, city attorney’s office, financial and administrative services office, and state liquor board—is used to monitor bars that frequently have problems or, as Financial and Administrative Services department deputy director Denise Movius puts it, “address issues of concern and intervene early.”

The heaviest concentration of bars on the “watch list” is in the SoDo/Georgetown area. Republiq, in SoDo, made the list because of “numerous shots fired” and “public safety issues.” The city also added Menage Des Reves, which is next door to Republiq, to the list before the club had even opened.

SoDo’s Club X has had problems with shootings, and “gang confrontations as a trend,” city records say. Following a shooting on March 11, 2011, investigators visited the bar the next day and saw “young tweens” there, according to the city.

Studio 7, failed to put together an emergency plan for raves, food service violations, and was the focus of “criminal proceedings.” Cocoon made the list without having even opened its doors—city records don’t say why—and the city put Georgetown’s El Gallo De Oro on the list after inspectors found a “dumped car and school bus” in the club’s parking lot.

In the International District, the city says Joe’s Bar and Grill has had problems with “over service and street use issues.” However, the city’s list notes that while there are a “consistent amount of inebriated individuals early in the day” at the bar, there have been “no public safety incidents reported.”

Waid’s in the Central District has had “public safety issues, overcrowding, noise complaints, “under-age issues,” and “concerns about security as well as continuing over service issues,” and city records mention an “ongoing investigation into [a] shooting and conflicts with” patrons another nearby club.

Two University District bars made the list. Earl’s on the Ave has had issues with “over service” and fights, while Fusion has had an  “uptick in public safety events,” the city says.

The Baltic Room on Capitol Hill has had noise issues—which they’re sorting out with the city, according to records—and BalMar in Ballard is under city scrutiny for “street use issues.”

The Citadel in south Seattle was also included on the city’s watch list because of problems associated with raves at the facility. The owner has vowed not to allow any more raves at the venue.

No bars in West Seattle made the list.

We have calls out to several bar owners to see how they feel about making the list.