Couple Beaten In Ravenna Park, Cab Driver Robbed

Today in Fuzz: Couple attacked in Ravenna Park, cab driver robbed at gunpoint. 1) A man and a woman were seriously injured this morning after, police say, a man armed with a baseball bat attacked them in Ravenna Park.

Around 3:30 am, police received a report of yelling and crying coming from the park near NE 55th St. and 25th Ave. NE. Officers found a 41-year-old man and 54-year-old woman in the park, both of whom had been beaten “multiple times.” The victims told police they know the suspect, and had been involved in some sort of dispute with him. Police say the victims’ injuries are serious but not life-threatening. Officers searched Ravenna Park with a K9 unit but couldn’t find the suspect.

2) Police are looking for a man who robbed a cab driver a gunpoint near the Seattle Police Department’s SoDo offices early Tuesday morning.

Around 4:00 am, a cab driver picked a man up in Tukwila, and drove him to Beacon Ave. S. and Airport Way S., which is just a few blocks from the facility that houses SPD’s SWAT, vice, and evidence units. T

The man handed the driver $20, but the driver said that wasn’t enough to cover the fare. The man then pulled out a gun, stuck it against the driver’s head, and grabbed the money back, before he hopped out of the car and fled into “the Jungle,” an overgrown greenbelt on Beacon Hill.

3) The national fight over Village Voice Media/’s profiteering from juvenile sex trafficking has pitted Norman Mailer-spawn against Norman Mailer-spawn. Norman Mailer’s kid, John Buffalo Mailer, joined the approximately 80 gazillion other people in condemning the online escort ad clearing house/free dirt emporium/shitty band matchmaker. It’s funny because Norman Mailer was one of the founders of Village Voice. Zing!

4) And now, a reminder to always wear a belt when brawling in downtown Seattle: