Two Shootings and a Crime Spree

Today in Fuzz: Two shootings and a mini crime spree.

1) Two men were wounded in separate shootings over the weekend. In the first incident, a 36-year-old man showed up at Harborview with a gunshot wound around 5:00 am on January 14, not long after police received reports of gunfire near Airport Way S. and S. Doris St.

Police talked to several women who brought the man to the hospital, but weren’t able to get much information about the shooting, according to the Seattle Police Department.

2) Later that day, around 6pm, a teenager showed up at Highline Hospital with a gunshot wound to his thigh. The teen told police he was out jogging near 12th Ave. S. and S. Henderson when a man came up behind him and fired three shots at him “for reasons unknown,” police say.

While the teen’s story is alarming, it’s also a bit fishy. According to police, when officers searched the street where the teen said he was shot, they weren’t able to find any evidence of a shooting—like shell casings or bullet holes—and neighbors told officers they hadn’t heard any gunshots.

3) Police are investigating whether a man suspected of robbing a cab driver near “The Jungle” last week is also responsible for a mini crime spree Saturday morning.

Police say the string of crimes began around 7:00am when the suspect attacked and carjacked a man in a parking lot near Airport Way S. and S. Massachusetts St.

The carjacker crashed the stolen car, and then robbed a taxi driver near Occidental Ave. S. and S. Kenyon St.  and fled into “the Jungle,” an overgrown greenbelt on Beacon Hill.

Police say the suspect matches the description of a man who robbed a cab driver at gunpoint and fled into the Jungle last week.