Mom Gets Tough With Carjacker

Today in Fuzz: Body pulled from Lake Washington; man stabbed near Pioneer Square; mom talks carjacker into returning stolen car.

1) Instead of calling police after he was carjacked earlier this month, one man turned to an even more imposing authority figure for help: his mother.

The victim was carjacked by a group of men after he went to meet one of them to “exchange some shoes” on January 12. During the shoe exchange, a group of four men tried to steal the victim’s rings, then attacked him, knocked him to the ground, and stole his car keys, cellphone, and a car, which apparently belonged to the victim’s mother.

Following the robbery, the man’s mother called one of the suspected carjackers and tried to get him to return the vehicle.

The suspect initially refused and demanded money. After the victim’s mother called a second time and threatened to contact police, the suspect told her where he’d left the car—just a few blocks from SPD’s South Precinct.

After filing a report on the incident, the woman asked police to drop the case because she was afraid her son might face “retaliation,” the report says.

2) Police pulled a man’s body out of Lake Washington Tuesday morning.

According to Seattle Police Department spokeswoman Renee Witt, the man’s body was found floating in the lake near Mt. Baker park around 8 am  this morning.

Homicide detectives were called to the scene, but police haven’t said whether they believe the man was murdered.

3) One man was hospitalized following a stabbing at a Pioneer Square homeless shelter Tuesday morning.

Police were called to the shelter on Alaskan Way and S Main St. around 11am after an employee found a man in an alley, who’d been stabbed or slashed in the chest.

Police initially said the man was stabbed with an icepick, although it turns out the suspect may have only used a plastic knife in the attack.

The victim and suspect—who fled the scene—were apparently involved in an argument over food just before the stabbing.